For the design process of It's Only Natural, we chose to create a website full of organic, fresh images that would also not clutter the main content. While It's Only Natural has an ecological message along with a commercial intent, it's important for visitors to be able to find what exactly they're looking for.

We chose to have a main banner graphic that rested between two straight bands of color, allowing a clear visual decoration without becoming too top-heavy. Colors of purple and yellow were dominant, along with a band of white to keep the overall banner from becoming too thick. This was counterbalanced by the green foliage on the side, which had white text set over a main background image. Underneath this, we chose a burlap texture in order to reinforce a fabric association with the website and its products.

As an instant attention grab, we added a white line of text at the immediate top of the page, "Fine clothing and accessories made exclusively from organic cotton, hemp and other eco-fabrics." This implemented for numerous reasons, including visual balance, quick website clarification for visitors, and also to help increase search engine optimization. The use of the purple border helped to frame the main banner along with the main navigation, which had the informational About It's Only Natural option to help draw focus to the store in a subtle, but effective means.

Similarly, the font that was used for the store's logo was used repeatedly throughout the site as a distinguishing feature, all the way from the menu bars down to the store owner's signature. Through use of color, images, and font, we worked to create a distinctive feel for It's Only Natural, making it a memorable website for visitors to return to again and again.

Another feature we added was DMAS integration. Through a simple contact form, It's Only Natural is now able to collect a list of interested parties that can be appropriately mailed with special offers, discount coupons, and information--along with an automatic unsubscribe feature, in compliance with anti-spam regulations. This allowed e-marketing to be a viable option for It's Only Natural, which was previously limited to store sign-ups and normal postcard mailings.
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