Have a message, but need to communicate it? Marketing has come a long way from word of mouth. Now you can reach your customers through Internet mailings, printed brochures, promotional flyers and electronic special offers.

(Direct Marketing Application Server)

E-marketing takes more than just a list of addresses. Compliant with the CAN-SPAM agreement, DMAS allows you to target only the interested parties who choose to subscribe to your mailers, with automatic unsubscribe, link tracking, and list management. Want to know how many people clicked on which special offer? Now you can!

List Management

Mailing Content

Categorical Unsubscribe

Results Reporting


Have a routine monthly newsletter, or just periodic special offers? Our DMAS system allows you to maximize your e-marketing campaigns when and how you want it. In addition, the creation of templates to allow your mailers to tie in with your webpages.

E-Marketing Mailers
Customizable Templates

When you're promoting your website, it's important to make sure your mailers feature the best of your existing design. At Bensoft, we work to create customized campaigns that tie into your current website, and read just like digital brochures.

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